PSG Products & Solutions

We have many products and solutions we have gathered throughout the years of working with many successful entrepreneurs and interviewing them to be able to share these valuable insights with you to help you be at the top of your game, and take your business and profits to the next level.

These are just a few of the products and solutions that you can use to help increase your productivity and profits, all with little to no effort on your part. Get in touch with us today to see how we can solve the problems and challenges you face as a busy entrepreneur so that you can start making more money today. Some of our services and solutions will cost you next to nothing, but yet yield amazing results. We look forward to building a great long-term beneficial relationship with you and your customers.

Reputation management

Having a good reputation and good ratings online is more important now more than ever. Everyone reads the reviews before they decide to go to your business. If they see bad reviews they won’t even bother coming and will just go to your competitor that has higher star ratings. We can help make you get more five-star reviews than your competition

Credit Card Processing

Benefit from direct relationships with credit card processors to cut out middle-men banks and sales reps. This allows us to cut costs and pass those all back to you, increasing your profits drastically. New laws have been passed where you as a business owner are no longer responsible for having to pay the credit card fees to the bank. We can wipe out 100% of your credit card fees. 

Real Estate and Refinancing

If you have a house that you want to sell or want to buy a house or business, need to do a refinance to get a better rate and get some cash out, we have a team of professionals ready to help with any real estate needs

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies that leverage technology to allow you to always stay in direct contact with your most valuable asset: your customers.  Use email and analytics to stay ahead of your competition.

Phone Systems

Phone call routing and answering systems that will make your business, whether you are new or existing, small or large, sound like a fortune 500 company.  All for an unbelievable low price.  There is no equipment to buy, no start up costs, and no commitments

Legal Counsel

A team of legal experts who specialize in forming corporations. Whether you want to trademark, become an LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Non-profit, or even a Sole Proprietor, we can help you decide which entity is best for you, and save you a ton of money on the fees you have to pay to file. Up to 75% off the fees that you would normally have to pay 

ATM Services 

ATM machines to increase money spent at your business.  A portion of the cash withdrawn from the ATM machine at your business is usually spent back on the products & services you provide.  You also earn money on the transaction fee for each withdrawal.  It’s a quick and simple way to earn extra profits automatically. 

WIFI Monetization

Ways to monetize your wifi at your location. Use your businesses wifi to gain customer insights, build your customer email list 5 times faster than any method you have ever used and launch super effective automatic marketing campaigns.  Use your wifi to “connect” you to more profits

Inventory Management

Inventory management systems to help you keep track of what’s coming in and out of your business and let’s you know exactly where your money is

Funding Capital

Funding/Capital regardless of your financial situation, to grow or expand your business.  If you need money now, we can get you money in 2 weeks or less!

Insurance Services

Commercial insurance for Bars, Restaurants, Retail, or manufacturing import/export business.  Access to multiple A rated carriers to find you the best coverage at a much lower cost than you are used to paying for your workman’s comp & commercial insurance coverage 

In-house consumer financing

You’ll never have to turn away a customer ever again if they say they can’t afford your product or service. We can get them approved for guaranteed financing so they can buy what they need from you, with no liability or risk to you.

Security Systems

Video Camera & Security Systems – Security systems do more than just monitor break-ins and theft.  They discourage and record instances of insurance fraud, saving you priceless money from lawsuits.  Security cameras also monitor employee activity and stimulate productivity at the workplace.

Cloud Based POS Systems

Cutting edge cloud based ipad point of sale systems that are smaller, faster, have more money making features, and are at a fraction of the cost of older outdated point of sale systems

Graphic & Web Development

Graphic & Web design to make your site look more modern and mobile friendly.  We also partner with SEO services to keep your business at the top of search engine results to get your brand in front of valuable new customers

Supplies & Equipment 

Suppliers for restaurant/bar supplies that offer everything you need at one place at a better cost than the competition.  Couple that with personalized service, your business will be able to increase the bottom line almost immediately.

Take action today and maximize your opportunities for growth!